Groendal Wildnerness Area

Posted by PE Travel Blogger on Mon November 3, 2014 in Discover Wildlife near Port Elizabeth.

The Groendal Wilderness area lies at the Eastern extremity of the Groot Winterhoek Mountains near Port Elizabeth.

The Groendal Wilderness Area, promulgated in 1976, is the only formal wilderness area in the Eastern Cape Province. It offers tranquillity, is remote and unspoilt. There are a large variety of plants and wildlife includes bushbuck, duiker, grey rhebuck, mountain reedbuck, grysbok, bushpig, vervet monkey and leopard. As the main catchment of the Swartkops River, it encloses and protects Uitenhage’s main water supply, the serpentine Groendal Dam. It is historically interesting as it was possibly the last refuge of the San in the Groot Winterhoek Mountains: a large variety of their rock paintings have been identified. The only marked trail is the Blindekloof trail. Remaining trails are unmarked wilderness trails and map reading skills are essential to walk them.

Direction: Take the Groendal Road from the northwestern outskirts of Uitenhage for about 8 km to the office where you can register. It is wise to get Directions from the Office, as there are many walking routes

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