Maitland Beach

Posted by Travel Trip Blogger on Wed November 5, 2014 in Beautiful beaches of Port Elizabeth.

At the mouth of the Maitland River lies a magnificent bathing beach backed by huge sand dunes stretching for about 5 km West from Beachview to beyond Blue Water Bay.

Kids love the dunes for tobogganing and sand boarding. Maitland River Beach is ideal for leisurely strolls along the waters edge where you can collect sand mussels.

Maitland Beach is a huge beach in the outskirts of the Port Elizabeth metro with spectacular sand dunes, popular with sand boarders, and miles of sandy beach stretching away towards Jeffreys Bay. In the other direction the beach becomes rockier and is favoured by anglers and divers.

The beach borders on Maitland Nature Reserve which comprises 250 hectares of indigenous forest offering three marked hiking trails of varying lengths.

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