South End Museum

Posted by Travel Trip Blogger on Mon November 10, 2014 in Historical buildings of Port Elizabeth.

The South End Museum tells the story of when, in 1948, the National Party was elected to power and the Apartheid ideals were implemented. This way of ruling held the principle of “equal but separate development”, and one of the laws that came into being was that of the Group Areas Act. This required that all non-whites be ousted from “white” suburbs.

South End, as a suburb, was once a cosmopolitan community. Men, women, children and families lived harmonious lives in the epicentre of cultural diversity. Blacks, whites, coloureds, Indians, Chinese, Jews, Greeks and many more were united in their attitude towards family values, faith and morals, despite the diversity of religion, language and race. Spend time at this museum to read about the many interesting families that once lived in South End, Port Elizabeth.

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