The Horse Memorial in Port Elizabeth

Posted by Roy says.... on Mon February 9, 2015 in Anglo Boer War History of Port Elizabeth.

The Horse Memorial was erected in 1905 in memory of the horses that served and died during the Second Anglo Boer War.

Britain brought a large number of horses to South Africa to use in its war effort. They spent around 7 million pounds on horses, from as far afield as Australia and United States of America, and lost more than 300 000 horses during the war.

The horse and soldier are life size and there is a drinking trough for horses and cattle and any thirsty souls.

The inscription on the base reads "The greatness of a nation consists not so much upon the number of its people or the extent of its territory as in the extent and justice of its compassion"

Port Elizabeth's iconic Horse Memorial is situated at the end of Doncaster Road, very close to Doncaster Cottages.


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