The Maitland Sand Dunes

Posted by PE Travel Blogger on Fri October 31, 2014 in Events in Port Elizabeth .

If you are looking for a dash of adrenaline then try your hand (foot?) at sand boarding at Maitland Sand Dunes.

The dunes are easily accessible and provide hours of fun. It is a challenging trek up to the top, but the views and scenery are worth every breath. The way down, of course, is the best part. Anything that you can slide on will do, trays, pieces of cardboard or the obvious choice, sand boards. There are also three hiking trails (check out Port Elizabeth's top six day walks) that wind their way into the forests of Maitland Nature Reserve.

The Sir Peregrine Maitland Nature Trail is a three-kilometre trail which follows an old wagon road, while the Igolomi Trail will take you on a four-kilometre stretch through Maitland‚ a dense forest. The more exuberant can try out the nine-kilometre Van Stadens Nature Trail which rewards hikers with a unique view of St Francis Bay.

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