The Pearson Conservatory in Port Elizabeth

Posted by PE Travel Blogger on Sat November 1, 2014 in Historical buildings of Port Elizabeth.

1882 Victorian Pearson Conservatory was built for the cultivation of exotic plants, water lilies and beautiful orchids.

The Pearson Conservatory which is situated within Port Elizabeth's St Georges Park , is 128 years old and has just undergone a R5,5m renovation. Over the years the building has been upgraded many times due to the deterioration and weathering of its construction materials by the extreme variation of internal and external temperatures and moisture that it receives. Named after Mr Henry Pearson, Mayor of P.E. on sixteen occasions, member of the Legislative Assembly, Treasurer-General of the Cape 1880-81 and Colonial Secretary in 1889. It was he who suggested the establishment of the conservatory for the cultivation of exotic plants. It was declared a national monument in 1983.

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