Top 5 Shops in Port Elizabeth

Posted by Roy says.... on Wed November 19, 2014 in Events in Port Elizabeth .

I asked a "fashion forward" friend to list her 5 favourite shops in Port Elizabeth. Here follows the list.


Poetry – Walmer Park

You are at your wits end because you still haven’t bought the present for your best friend’s birthday in two day’s time or you could not find the right outfit for the party you so desperately wanted to look great for …. Well, no need for stress … a quick visit to Poetry will solve all your problems!

(Walmer Park)



Don Marco

As the saying goes “the clothing boutique which dresses Port Elizabeth”!

(Walmer Park and Greenacres Shopping Centre)




One of the new clothing boutiques in Port Elizabeth with a new approach to design.

(Walmer Park)



The boutique where you can buy the latest fashion but with a difference!

(Greenacres Shopping Centre)


Earth Child

.. and then there is the Earth Child Boutique where you can spoil your children or grandchildren with the most beautiful, naturally and organically designed clothing.

(Walmer Park)

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