Self Catering Accommodation in Port Elizabeth

The world-famous South African Dolos designer dies

Posted by PE Travel Blogger on Wed July 27, 2016 in Legends of Port Elizabeth.

Aubrey Kruger, the former East London harbour draughtsman who designed the ingenious dolos sea buffer system 50 years ago, died in East London recently.

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Top 15 Things to do in Port Elizabeth during Winter.

Posted by PE Travel Blogger on Thu April 30, 2015 in Events in Port Elizabeth .

Port Elizabeth does have rather mild winters, which makes it a far more attractive option once winter’s cold sets in.

People say Port Elizabeth has more sunshine hours than any other city in South Africa.

It has access to plenty of swimming beaches and a beachfront lifestyle that is easy to access. And Port Elizabeth has many action-packed activities in the sandboarding, adrenaline junkie vein.

What’s holding you back to get yourself on one of the many low cost flights to experience the attractions of this fascinating city.
Be inspired by the list below ;

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